Storage Racks
Unsurpassed Security

Welcome to The Mountain Complex™, a secure data center located inside one of the largest Mountains in the Ozarks. We are dedicated to setting the gold standard in secure storage and providing you with the best solutions possible. When consider a data center, you should be examining several aspects:
  • Facility
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety/Fire Suppression
  • Security
  • Enviromental Protection
  • Redundancy
  • Network
  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
At The Mountain Complex™, we start with a superior facility. We are located inside a stable mine in a geographic area protected from natural disasters. Also being above ground level inside the mountain, we have far fewer concerns over moisture and weather than traditional "Underground" facilities.

There is easy access to the location as we are just off a major four lane highway, and two airports within an hours distance. Our electrical and connectivity designs are fault tolerant, with strong support from our hardware and service partners.

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